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Shopping Center Sewer Repair

Shopping Center Sewer Repair.

Class A VA Contractor License #2705147099
DMBE VA SWAM # 684641

Public restrooms in shopping centers experience extremely high usage on a daily basis. This consistently high volume combined with customers flushing abnormal products down the drain can be very detrimental to a sanitary sewer piping system.

Get to know your pipes. Contracting Dynamic Drain Technologies to perform an Infrastructure Intelligence Program is the best way to conditionally assess and map your piping system. No plans – No Problem. We’ll locate the pipes and draw them in on a building floor plan. You’ll also receive detailed reports and videos for all the drainage pipes in your building.

Rehabilitate pipes when you want too. The reporting we provide will include a detailed conditional assessment so you’ll be able to budget and plan for future repairs. Our turnkey Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining provides a wonderful lower cost, less invasive, and long lasting rehabilitation solution. These projects can be done any time but are a must at the time of a tenant fit out. Why rehabilitate the above slab areas without knowing what’s going on in the piping below the slab? Don’t risk damage to your newly renovated space, call us today.