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Education Facility Sewer Repair
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Education Facility Sewer Repair.

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Education Facility Sewer Repair

Higher Education Colleges and Universities

Some of our oldest and most revered Colleges and Universities in the United States sit atop some of our oldest and most deteriorated infrastructure. These institutions are deeply rooted in history and tradition; therefore, demolishing walls, ceilings, floors, and grounds to repair failing piping infrastructure can have a negative impact on the university and their surrounding communities. We have had the pleasure of working with The University of Virginia, Duke University, and The Catholic University of America to preserve their history by installing CIPP lining systems.

College and campus sewer repair

Dynamic Drain Technologies provides turnkey CIPP services for both interior and exterior piping systems. Universities and colleges manage a diverse set of piping systems from large exterior main line sewer and storm drains to small under slab pipe lines in precious facilities. We have the experience and technologies to solve all of these piping problems.

We're fully equipped!

Our team is equipped to locate, evaluate, and design CIPP projects for major colleges and universities. We can adapt our services to follow a master infrastructure plan or conduct sanitary sewer evaluation activities based on catchments or sewer basins of interest. We use GIS and video inspection software to generate pipeline details that are needed to properly prioritize and repair civil and mechanical piping assets.